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Alzheimer’s patients may forget they are married

Last week there was a big-to-do about former Supreme Court justice, Sandra Day O’Conner’s husband John O’Conner, and his love affair with another woman. One of the articles I read on this topic, posted on and titled “Son: O'Connor not jealous of husband's new relationship”, stated that Sandra is not jealous of her husbands new relationship and in fact she is even a bit relived. What? How can a wife not be jealous of her husband’s adulterous affair? ...
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Maternal Flu Linked to Schizophrenia

You may have missed this if you don't regularly read The Washington Post, but staff writer Shankar Vedantam wrote an excellent article describing how recent research into schizophrenia is increasingly pointing to maternal infections during the first and second trimester of pregnancy -- especially flu infections:

That's because the newest studies suggest the culprit may not be infections such as the flu per se, but pregnant mothers' immune reactions to such infections. Current guidelines recommend that pregnant women get a flu shot -- and...
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A Doctor’s Disdain for Medical Googlers

Earlier this month, Time magazine published a first-person account of a doctor having to deal with a challenging patient who came to him after having conducted some research via Google. The doctor's description of his disdain for these kinds of patients, and this particular patient and her child, wasn't very politically correct, which caught the eye of Tara Parker-Pope, who then wrote about it Thanksgiving week. Even with the holiday, the entry has drawn over 275 comments in a week's time,...
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In Taiwan, Schizophrenic Patients More Likely to Experience Burst Appendix

An article, titled “Patients with Schizophrenia More Likely to Suffer from Ruptured Appendix” reports on a study published in BMC Public Health, which says that schizophrenic patients are more likely to experience a burst appendix. The researchers in the study examined discharge data from Taiwanese hospitals for both those patients with a mental illness and those without in order to access how many of each groups had suffered from a ruptured appendix.

The study found that of the...
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Bipolar Suicide Risk

People with bipolar disorder are at a higher risk for suicide than other in the general public. Based on this risk, a lot of research is being done to understand this process and how to prevent suicides. According to some new research, if someone...
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Helping or Hindering Mental Health Education?

Do you help or hinder educating people about mental illness when you title a column "undefinable madness," then proceed to define it poorly?

Elissa Ely provides the fodder in today's The Boston Globe through an op-ed on schizophrenia. I wanted to like this column, but I was immediately put off by her self-assured misrepresentation of our understanding of this serious mental disorder.

Schizophrenia is a biological illness caused by excessive stimulation in one part of the brain, dismally balanced by deficits in another....
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