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Psychologist Has Field Day with Psychiatry

Just in case you had any doubts that there are a great deal of politics and money involved in healthcare, look no further than some the entries posted by psychologist Bruce Levin over at the Huffington Post. Furious Seasons has the full coverage.

I feel profession bashing is too easy to do, and you have to take as good as you give. For instance, psychologists shouldn't be proud of their own professional association's tortured stance on, well, torture, flip-flopping...
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Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising

John Edwards, a presidential candidate, would apparently ban drug ads targeted at consumers for 2 years. This type of advertising by pharmaceutical companies is called direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising in the industry, and it pays well because pharmaceutical companies recognize the value in getting their brand names in front of the right audiences.

Why does John Edwards want such pharmaceutical advertising banned for the first 2 years after a new drug is released?

“You’ve seen these ads. You know who’s paying for them, right?...
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Could your depression be your greatest asset?

Author Tom Wootton thinks it just may be. Mr. Wootton just released his second book “The Depression Advantage”, which touts being depressed as a potential benefit.

An article posted on the website, Medical News Today, reviews the book and its poignant and harrowing look at depression throughout history and its advantages of “spiritual, personal and social growth, possible through the experience of depressed states ”.

The article also mentions My Wootton’s first book “The Bipolar Advantage”, which apparently draws on...
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Mental Disorders are Not Simple “Brain Illnesses”

This letter writer to the Florida Times-Union had me agreeing until this ill-formed paragraph:

If there is blame, let's blame those professions that delay mental illness recovery. Let's educate the churches, which call mental illnesses sin or demonic possession; the medical professionals who do not screen for mental illnesses; the therapists who do not teach the necessity of treating brain illnesses like other serious medical problems; the lawyers and judges for not protecting access to proper mental health care; and the educators who do...
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