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No Cupcakes? Are You Kidding Me?

At first, I thought John Mack's recent lengthy rant (in two parts, no less) about a pharma company not providing cupcakes to patients was a Something along the lines of sarcasm or parody, I wasn't sure. But after reading the post (and the original post), I think Mack is serious.

I'm sorry, but maybe he missed the part where pharmaceutical companies already spend millions of dollars every year in free drug programs and free samples? I think it's far more important,...
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Moms & Mental Health

A study covered by Reuters points out one of the biggest risk factors for psychological problems among mothers: lack of emotional support. Certainly this could be filed in the "obvious" category, but at least there are some new numbers to back it up.

Women who reported feeling a lack of emotional support (they had no one to rely on for day-to-day emotional help with parenting) represented nearly 14 percent of the total sample and were times more likely to report being in poor...
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Mother Hangs Herself and…

It usually doesn't make any headlines when someone hangs themselves or otherwise finds a way to end their lives. Dozens of people everyday find a way to do so.

But The New York Times today tells the heart-wrenching story of a 25-year-old Mexican immigrant mother who hung not only herself, but her four daughters as well. One of them survived.

Apparently, the breakup with her husband and domestic violence led to her distress:

She sounded distraught, “but I had no idea she would do this,” said...
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How Effective Are Antidepressants for Teens and Children?

According to our friends over at PubMed, a review study was done to examine the efficacy of antidepressants in teens and children suffering from depression. The results of this review are fairly astounding:

In general, nine depressed youth must be treated with an antidepressant to obtain one clinical response above that achieved with placebo. To date, fluoxetine has showed the most consistent positive treatment effects. Depressed youth had also acutely responded to other antidepressants, but the response to placebo has also been high....
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Psychological Treatment for IBS

There is a growing belief that certain somatic problem like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are inherantly tied to mental health problems; in the case of IBS, certain anxiety disorders. The CBC is reporting on research that has shown psychological treatments like psychotherapy and hypnosis are effective at reducing IBS symptoms. The article has an interesting conceptualization for consumers on how the mind-body interaction can take place and create something like IBS, and I hope that there is continued movement in this area since...
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Kids & Relational Aggression

It is a common misperception that men are more aggressive in general than women. In fact, both sexes are equally aggressive, but it is displayed differently. Men often act out with physical aggression, whereas women more often use "relational aggression", which is attempts to...
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Is Self-Esteem Over-Rated?

Some researchers are questioning the long-held belief that while heightened self-esteem is a worthy goal, its significance and value may be overrated. This article doesn't really provide any strong arguments for or against this view, just offering the two sides of the story. At the end, I'm left wondering, "So? Should I worry about my self-esteem or not? Is there any way to increase the "good" kinds of self-esteem rather than the stuff that isn't going to help me be happier?"

Sorry, sometimes I...
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The Psychiatrists Are Meeting

It's mid-May, so it must be time for the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, or as we like to call them, the "little APA" (because it has one-third the membership of the American Psychological Association). And with its annual meeting comes the annual flurry of press releases sent to us to alert us to all the fascinating new studies announced that find that existing medications are useful for a whole bunch of other things too! Yay!

Seroquel XR

A study was presented today...
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