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Girls Calling Suicide Hotlines

Most of us have heard PSAs on the radio for suicide hotlines that are essentially call centers for people in crisis to get help. A recent article at the BBC has some interesting information about British helplines, particularly that 1/6 of the calls are adolescent women seeking help before they harm themselves.
In total, more than 6,000 children and young people - some as young as five - called the helpline about mental health problems, ChildLine analysis found. Problems included depression, eating disorders,...
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Trouble in jPod

"Presenteeism" (the cost of lost productivity from working while ill) is attracting growing attention. A recent BC Human Rights Tribunal ruling illustrated the problem when it upheld the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms prohibition on discrimination based on mental disability.

Games giant Electronic Arts was forced to pay a large settlement to a woman fired for depression-related presenteeism. Janie Toivanen was a long time employee with a track record of superior performance reviews. She developed clinical depression and...
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Are Students More Narcissistic?

Well, according to a bunch of psychologists -- one of whom is promoting her new book -- they are. But where was the study published?

Um, it wasn't.

The lead researcher on the study, Jean Twenge, has a defunct blog, a Q & A on her work, and a website promoting her new book. She also likes to make dire predictions:

"[These findings make] me very, very worried,'' said Jean Twenge, the San Diego State associate professor who is lead author of...
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Throwing Stones at the House of Research

The rising tide keeps rising against the House of Research.

As reported by numerous news outlets today, another study has come down the pike, this time in the respected journal Cancer. "Breast cancer treatment trials that are funded by drug companies are more likely to show positive results than studies sponsored by other sources, new research suggests. There are also major differences in trial design when the pharmaceutical industry foots the bill, the researchers added," according to the article.

Some would this as another...
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Five Stages of Grief

Most people that have gone through some form of grief/loss have at least heard about the "5 Stages of Grief": disbelief, yearning, anger, depression and acceptance. These are similar but not identical to the 5 stages people pass through when dealing with a...
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Lung Disease & Psychological Problems

Some new research was published on lung disease and mental health. Specifically, that people with chronic lung conditions have poorer mental health and overall well-being compared to those without lung problems.
The reason for the association between lung function and mental health problems is unclear, Goodwin's team notes. They suggest that impaired lung function may lead to a decreased sense of well-being as a result of physical limitations associated with physical disease.Research showing people having physical and mental health problems at the same...
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How can you help your alcoholic parent?

A while back I wrote a post on Addiction Transfer to which where posted several comments. Recently, I received comments from one reader, Mary, who requested additional information about where to go for help for her alcoholic mother. Mary, this entry is for you.

First of all, let me start off by saying; I am not a therapist or a doctor. I am simply a resourceful, empathetic and persevering individual. My work in the field of mental health...
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Tobacco Marketing to the Homeless and Mentally Ill

You thought Big Pharma marketing was unethical? Then read the shocking research paper Marketing to the marginalised: tobacco industry targeting of the homeless and mentally ill, Apollonio and Malone, Tobacco Control 2005;14:409-415; [free full text online]. Zoloft ads seem downright friendly in comparison.

After I wrote about stigma and high smoking rates with mental illness, a reader passed along this link. The article provides analysis of 400 relevant documents culled from 40 million pages of tobacco industry internal...
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Sexualization Culture

The American Psychological Association (APA) released a report this week weighing in on the "sexualization of girls" in American culture. APA created a task force on the issue, and this report details the harm that this process can do to young women. Specifically, if can lead people to become critical of their bodies and over-focused on their appearance. It can also be an influence for girls to develop more intense psychopathology like depression and eating disorders.
"Several studies (on both teenage and adult women)...
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Zyprexa Marketed for Long-term Bipolar Use

Furious Seasons again has a detailed analysis of more Zyprexa findings from his ongoing examination of the Zyprexa documents (it's a long essay, but worth the read when you have a few minutes). This most recent analysis focuses on how Eli Lilly spent considerable effort marketing Zyprexa as an appropriate medication for "complex mood" disorders such as bipolar disorder and long-term use. This despite significant ongoing concerns from doctors around the country about Zyprexa and weight gain and hyperglycemia.

Eli Lilly...
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