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Pregnant? Avoid Paxil

According to an AP story in the Leader-Telegram Online today,

Pregnant women and those who plan to become pregnant should avoid taking the antidepressant Paxil if possible because of the risk of birth defects, a group of obstetricians said Thursday.

The opinion issued by the obstetric practice committee of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists comes nearly a year after the Food and Drug Administration and manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline reclassified the drug to reflect studies in pregnant women that showed the drug poses a risk...
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New Research in Australia

Scientists in Australia have announced a research network to look for new solutions in treating schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

The Australian Psychosis Research Network (APRN) will include more than 80 leading researchers from many Australian institutions, including The Black Dog Institute at the University of...
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30 Years Too Late: Video Game Violence Affects Brain Activity

In a story that makes me cringe for all the wrong reasons, we reported earlier today about a new study that shows how playing violent video games has an effect on certain areas in the brain:

Compared with the group that played the nonviolent game, the group that played the violent video game demonstrated less activation in the prefrontal portions of the brain, which are involved in inhibition, concentration and self-control, and more activation in the amygdala, which is involved in emotional arousal.

My reaction...
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Depressed Kids & Alcohol

New research discussed on the Reuters newswire found that experiencing symptoms of depression at an early age was predictive of drinking alcohol at an early age. The study followed a sample of 1119 Puerto Rican kids aged 10-13, and collected data by interviewing the kids and their parents several times over a 4-year period.
Rates of alcohol initiation during follow-up varied markedly by level of depression. Roughly percent of children with one or fewer depressive symptoms at baseline starting drinking during follow-up, compared...
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Zone of Biological Indifference

Unlike most other animals on the planet, the amount of food that human beings consume is dependant on factors other than actual hunger. Most Americans today ate more calories in one meal than they will for entire days in other months. Researchers have been trying to understand environmental factors that can influence how much/little we eat, and one of the newer elements is the people we eat with.
"Eating occurs within what we have termed a zone of biological indifference, in which the individual...
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Massachusetts Severs Psychiatric Care

Massive cutbacks to Massachusetts mental health services have taken effect as of Thanksgiving, including the elimination of 170 mental health care positions, restrictions placed on access to residential programs, and refusal of new admissions to state psychiatric hospitals.

The shocking move by Republican governor Romney...
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Migraine and Bipolar Disorders

Research presented at the recent Canadian Psychiatric Association annual conference suggests strong links between migraine headaches and bipolar I disorder (40% higher than healthy subjects), based on a community survey of 37,000 people. It proposes a subtype of bipolar disorder with migraine, and recommends...
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