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Sugar and Mental Health

Reuters had a story a couple days ago on new research from Norway on sugar intake and psychological problems. The study was done on 5000 10th graders in Norway, and they concluded that there was a significant relationship between sugary soft-drink consumptions and psychological symptoms like hyperactivity and various forms of distress.
"For hyperactivity, there was a direct linear relationship — the more sodas a teen drank, the most symptoms of hyperactivity he or she had.

"The worst problems were seen in boys...
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The Terrell Owens Suicide Saga

While The Smoking Gun sticks by its reporting that Terrell Owens tried to commit suicide, others remain unconvinced. Michael Silver, over at Sports Illustrated, believes Owens has a moodier, darker side that many people don't know, but which he has seen.

Owens himself has denied the attempt, suggesting instead that he took natural supplements and too many painkillers together. This combination made him "groggy" and then "non-responsive," to use Owens' words.

What's really going on here?

The answer may never be...
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Bipolar Awareness Day

Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day is part of Mental Health Awareness Week (1-7 October). It was created by the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Abbott Laboratories, in 1990, to increase awareness of bipolar disorder, promote early detection and accurate diagnosis, reduce stigma, and minimize the devastating impact on the million Americans presently affected by the disorder. Taking place on the Thursday of Mental Health Awareness Week, BDAD activities focus on encouraging the community to:

Learn more about the symptoms of bipolar disorder...
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The Picky Eating Problem

Evertone knows someone who is just flat out weird about (not) eating certains foods. A lot of children go through phases of refusing to eat certain things and then eating other for every meal, but a significant number of adults have similar issues. NPR ran a story on the topic, and the guests on the show discuss some theories on the behavior ranging from the idea that it is a control issue, that some people have hypersensitive taste-buds, or that it has elements...
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Drugs for Flying

The New York Times basically published a full page ad for Xanax disguised as a story about people taking medication for air travel anxiety. The piece discusses how more and more flyers are turning to prescription drugs to take the edge off a flight, which has become more anxiety provoking in the age of terrorism. It specifically mentions Xanax 4 times and as well as a host of other drugs, and fails to mention any counter-argument for the practice.
"Some fliers said they preferred...
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Phone-Based Therapy for Miscarraige

A report hit the nreswires about a new study that did brief phone-based therapy for people who recently experienced a miscarraige. Depression and anxiety are common struggles after a miscarraige and can range from mild to severe. The phone intervention was done as a way to help people who were uncomfortable with face-to-face therapy or would not otherwise attend.
"Women in the counseling group decided how many phone calls, up to six, they would receive; both groups completed standard questionnaires gauging depression symptoms at...
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FDA Needs More Authority and Funds

Citing chronic underfunding for its safety division and the lack of clear regulatory authority, a blue-ribbon panel yesterday released its findings and suggested 25 sweeping changes to the 's Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Washington Post reports

The FDA should reevaluate safety and effectiveness data of such new drugs within five years after initial approval, the panel added, and the agency needs new powers to impose fines and requirements on drugmakers.

To anyone familiar with the drug approval process, these recommendations are not surprising....
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