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Age & Adventurousness

Recently, NPR had a really fun piece on how openness to experience and adventerousness decreases with age. It follows a prominent scientist's fury with an adventure-seeking assistant and his quest to explain why he felt so boring. He does some quick research first calling radio stations and finding out about the age of listenership for certain eras of music, then discovering how likely people are to try strange food for the first time, and finally tapping the age at which people stop...
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Teacher Gender Influences Student Learning

A provocative new line of research has concluded that the students learn better from teachers of their same sex. After controlling for a variety of factors, it turns out that boys learn better from male teachers and girls learn better from female teachers.
"The study found switching up teachers actually could narrow achievement gaps between boys and girls, but one gender would gain at the expense of the other." Certainly this is not the final word on the topic, and the results are...
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Workplace Mental Health

USA Today had a great feature on the gradual shift taking place in the world of work toward psychological problems. In the past, the general consensus was for employers to ignore (at best) or discriminate against (at worst) people that had some sort of mental illness. Not only does an employee with active psychological problems struggle in his individual life, it can disrupt the workplace socially, it can also cost companies serious money in lower productivity.
But companies' mental health coverage often lags...
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Donate Your Brain

The Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center performs ongoing post-mortem research on schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. They're seeking brain tissue donations from people who have those mental illnesses, as well as donations of normal brains from people who are related to them.

They accept donations from the US but also internationally. Within the US call 1-800-272-4622, otherwise request a brochure on how to make a donation. Does not conflict with religious faiths, as they'll explain. Talk to your family and consider contributing...
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