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Training Physicians in Child Mental Health

Central New York receives a federal grant to train pediatricians and family physicians to treat child mental health problems.

The grant provides training by psychiatrists to physicians as well as nurses and other medical staff.

Parents have increasing turned to other types of physicians as child psychiatrists are unavailable - there are only a dozen in Central New York. Nationally, 6,700 exist while the demand is for 30,000.

5% of children and youth receive medication, mostly for ADHD symptoms. 6% received some type of mental health...
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Teasing Out the Popularity of YouTube and MySpace

A grand unified theory of YouTube and MySpace from Slate

Paul Boutin over at Slate believes he's on to something about what makes a popular Web site or service succeed over others:

I was skeptical when I heard how huge video-sharing hub YouTube and social-networking hotspot MySpace have become. YouTube claims 40 million plays a day, up from 35 million just a week ago. The Washington Post recently reported that MySpace pulls more monthly visitors than Amazon and is closing in on AOL and...
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Despite Conflicts, Drug Judges Continue to Vote Yea or Nay

Despite Conflicts, Drug Judges Continue to Vote Yea or Nay

The bad news: the FDA doesn't care that professionals may have ties to the industries or drugs they're asked to consult about.

The good news: it doesn't matter, as the outcome of FDA review meetings would be the same if you removed those unscrupulous professionals from the voting.

Why does the FDA tolerate these conflicts of interest to begin with? -- that's the real question! It's not enough to disclose them, why ask professionals to...
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The Bipolar Brain

Bipolar Disorder and the Brain is a look at neuroscience research and bipolar disorders. The Society for Neuroscience publishes a monthly newsletter called Brain Briefings aimed at highlighting neuroscience for the layperson. Sign up for free copies in the mail, and have a look at the archives on their web site.

Bipolar Disorder and the Brain describes some ongoing research areas, and there are pretty fMRI brain scans illustrating activity in the brain during depression and mania.


Our genes guide the production of...
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Child Mental Health Care Crisis – NAMI

The House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed an amendment ( 609) that allows child and adolescent mental health professionals to be eligible for loan forgiveness.

NAMI (National Association for the Mentally Ill) applauds that move but says much more is needed to address the shortage of child mental health professionals.

They're advocating The Child Healthcare Crisis Relief Act which calls for more measures including education grants for psychiatrists as well as child mental health paraprofessionals, an increase in the number of...
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Psychosis and the Law

As prisons become mental hospitals, this has major implications. Mind Hacks reports on executions of psychotic prisoners:

US Judge Wayne Salvant has ordered that Steven Kenneth Staley, a death-row inmate who is so severely mentally ill as to be unable to comprehend his situation, can be forcibly medicated so he can be executed while mentally competent.

A stay of execution was previously granted as he was judged not to understand his situation due to impaired mental functioning.

Staley is not the first prisoner to...
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British Women Worry About Their Bodies Every 15 Minutes

Women fret about their bodies every 15 minutes

These results are not suprising, as we've long known that women have more body image issues than men do. It is the reason that eating disorders are largely a women's issue, and it is the reason that many women have such poor self-esteem (constantly reinforced by stereotypical media images of young, thin women).

Only one in every fifty British women is happy with the shape of her body, a survey has found.

The survey of 5,000...
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Stress may cause depression

Stress may cause depression

While not untrue in terms that stress can indeed contribute to the cause (or be the primary) cause of depression in some individuals, drug treatments affecting this issue are many years away. In the meantime, there are dozens of stress relieving strategies one can do in one's life to help relieve stress. Oh, and here's 20 more tips.

No need to wait, start putting those strategies into practice today!

Long-term exposure to stress may cause some types of...
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Dr. Tom Ferguson, e-health Pioneer, Has Died

Dr. Tom Ferguson has passed away. A man I've known for many years, I met Tom back in the early 1990's because we were both thinking about how the Internet was changing the roles of doctor and patient. Dr. Tom Ferguson ("DocTom") and I met when he contacted me about a book he was writing back in 1994 ("Health Online"). I talked to him about the thriving online self-help support communities available (yes, this was before the...
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Going Public With Your Mental Illness

The SAMHSA Resource Center to Address Discrimination and Stigma Associated With Mental Illness invites you to participate in a free online training teleconference titled, "Self-disclosure: The Public and Personal Effects of Revealing Mental Health Problems" on Thursday, April 27 from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (Eastern Daylight Time).

To participate, please complete the online registration form.

It will introduce the topic of self-disclosure and discuss what is gained and risked by choosing to talk openly about mental health problems. In addition to exploring...
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