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Study: N.J. suicides outnumber homicides

Nearly twice as many people kill themselves than are killed by others in New Jersey, according to a new study. The state Department of Health and Senior Services report "Suicide in New Jersey, 1999-2000" finds that suicides far outpace homicides in the Garden State.

In 2000, the most recent year for which statistics were available, there were 560 suicides committed in New Jersey, nearly double the 288 homicides for that year, according to crime statistics compiled by the New Jersey State Police.

So how come...
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Too much testosterone blights social skills

Levels of testosterone in the womb may have profound effects on a person's social development. The findings might also explain why men are four times as likely as women to suffer from autism.

The team has already found that the babies with higher fetal testosterone levels had a smaller vocabulary and made eye contact less often when they were a year old. And a study by another group has shown that eight-year-old girls who had high fetal levels of the hormone performed better...
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Remembrance of smells past

Smells trigger memories but can memories trigger smell, and what does this imply for the way memories are stored? A UCL study of the smell gateway in the brain has found that the memory of an event is scattered across sensory parts of the brain, suggesting that advertising aimed at triggering memories of golden beaches and soft sand could well enhance your desire to book a seaside...
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New Theory Suggests People Are Attracted To Religion For 16 Reasons

People are not drawn to religion just because of a fear of death or any other single reason, according to a new comprehensive, psychological theory of religion.

There are actually 16 basic human psychological needs that motivate people to seek meaning through religion, said Steven Reiss, author of the new theory and professor of psychology and psychiatry at Ohio State University.

Reiss said that each of the 16 basic desires outlined in the book influence the psychological appeal of religious behavior. The desires are power,...
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Behavior at Age 10 May Predict Later Depression

A child's behavior during the preteen years may predict whether he or she will experience depression, violent behavior or social phobia as a young adult, new research findings suggest. In a decade-long study, the researchers collected data for 765 children between the ages of 10 and 11 years old. At follow-up, they found that those who reported fighting, stealing or other conduct problems were almost four times as likely as their more well-behaved peers to have experienced depression or violent behavior...
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The girl who can eat only chocolate

A SCHOOLGIRL suffering from a rare form of autism has to have vitamins slipped into her drinks - because she can eat nothing but chocolate and crisps.

Rachel Scowcroft, nine, of Breightmet, Bolton, eats cubes of chocolate and chocolate digestive biscuits for breakfast; crisps, chocolate...
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