After the novel coronavirus outbreak in early 2020, school may never be the same. Due to COVID-19, virtually all schools across the country closed down for the school year. Will they reopen in the fall of 2020? Many school districts are grappling with these difficult decisions.

Assuming school does start up again as expected, many find it beneficial to get some help for going back to school. The stress and anxiety of starting a new school year can be overwhelming for many children and teens. Parents, too, can feel conflicted about the start of a new school year, especially if they’re not used to entrusting their child to others for hours every day.

Whether you’re a student looking for some study tips or a parent looking for some reassurance, our annual, updated Back to School Guide will get you back on track to have a successful school year.

We know that getting back into the swing of the daily school schedule takes some time. For that reason, you should give yourself a break if you find the first couple of weeks a little difficult to break free from that vacation mindset. That’s natural! But at some point, you do have to figure out how you’re going to tackle the school year, and we hope the articles below you do some of that.

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Elementary & Secondary School Issues

Dealing with School & Specific Disorders