Was this rape?

Q: When a young boy becomes curious about sexuality and lives in a family where he has sisters is it normal for him to look to them for answers? Is it normal for a young boy to peak in keyholes

A Very Lonely Misfit

Q: I’m a thinker; I sometimes wish that I weren’t, but I am. I constantly feel as if I am too detached from everyday life–too much of an analyzer to immerse myself in it without feeling like I’m “acting.” I

Lesbian Tendencies

Q: I am 25 years old and very confused. For sometime now, I have experiencing lesbian tendencies. I feel that I am “straight” and have a history of dating men. However, I have always had a problem obtaining an orgasm

Afraid of intimacy?

Q: I’m 33yrs old and a virgin. I do have self-esteem issues and find it difficult to meet new people most of the time. But if I even try and imagine being physical with someone, I feel extremely anxious and