Family issues

As I’ve been becoming older, I’ve been getting into arguments with my parents. But recently they’ve been happening more and more frequently and I’ve been getting more and more angry each time. Each argument has been about the same major

I have no friends

Last year, because of a stupid mistake i made, i had a huge falling out with some of my best friends and the rest of them had betrayed me. After apologizing sincerely numerous times, they all trash-talked about me over

I Feel Stuck In My Own Mind

I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to formulate my thoughts into a paragraph but I can’t do it so I’m just going to list feeling as they come to mind. 1. I feel nothing on a regular basis. 

Considering ECT

Major Depressive Disorder. poorly functional. I go to work. Medication resistant, i have tried them all. I have tried all the medications out there for depression and bipolar. Abilify etc. I have been seeing a therapist for eight years. She