How can I help my mom?

Hey…I am a 22 years old girl I com from middle income family… all my life I’ve witnessed my father abuse my mother, he yells, curse, and hits her in a very aggressive way(he’d slap, punch, kick and sometimes uses

BPD, Schizophrenia or PTSD?

I have had issues with getting diagnosed. My psychiatrist whom I’ve had for 5 years says Schizophrenia. I have had multiple hospitalizations, and they have said BPD, PTSD and one even said Bipolar. Testing said “CPTSD with psychotic delusions”. My

Not the Real Me

check my score, its kinda lengthy to explain hear. I can go out,i can trust others, i am a master at building up a fake me for every situation there is, and im also great at segregation. Im never happy,