Just a Dream?

I have this same person that reoccurs in my dreams that talks to me and sometimes tells me to do things. This may be nothing, but aside from my social anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, and apparently bipolar disorder(which I

What’s wrong with me?

I started self-harming around 13. My mom was emotionally and verbally abusive to me. She would constantly scream at me, She would call me worthless, disgusting, the worst child she ever had, and told me she hated me. Once she

Stress or OCD?

My parents say it’s just stress but I just need a professional opinion. This has probably already been asked a lot but I feel I have a little more different problems than most people who ask because my friend tells

Saving Therapeutic Relationship

Editor’s note: This is a followup to a previously published question. My therapist and i became entangled in an intense transferent/countertransferent drama that included both maternal and erotic/sexual components. We are both females, I am 48 and identify as bisexual,