Schizophrenia, I Think

So, I’ve noticed my mind isn’t exactly normal. There’s another entity in here that controls my imagination, sometimes subjects thoughts into my mind, and makes me paranoid and makes me feel impulsive at times. Sometimes if someone gets close to

Am I a Sociopath?

I have recently been thinking and realized that I exhibit most sociopathic traits. I’m a liar, I steal money occasionally, and I lack guilt. I can’t feel remorse or guilt for anything I do. I never feel REAL attachments. I

Am I Depressed?

From a 14 year old girl in the U.S.: I’ve been distancing myself from everyone lately, I do it as some sort of defense mechanism I suppose. As a child my father abused me emotionally, lied compulsively and forced me

Brain Memory Loss

So, for the past couple of months I noticed that my brain is doing some weird stuff. Whenever I’m home or out my brain memory goes from moment to moment and I can’t remember everything that I’ve done in the