Lesbian Tendencies

Q: I am 25 years old and very confused. For sometime now, I have experiencing lesbian tendencies. I feel that I am “straight” and have a history of dating men. However, I have always had a problem obtaining an orgasm

Afraid of intimacy?

Q: I’m 33yrs old and a virgin. I do have self-esteem issues and find it difficult to meet new people most of the time. But if I even try and imagine being physical with someone, I feel extremely anxious and

Intrusive sexual thoughts.

Q: Hello, approximately for the past 4 weeks I have been having sexual thoughts. They first began with members of my family, then they turned into thoughts of male friends. Although I have been in many heterosexual relationships and I

I can’t get Erection

Q: Can you check weak erection trew blood work A. There are many, many reasons why a man can’t achieve an erection. Some are physical. Some are psychological. The place to start is with your doctor. Make an appointment to