Stalker obsession

Q: I started stalking an ex-lover that broke up with me 4 months ago. I wanted to find out why he no longer loved me, and about his new girlfriend so that I could move on with my life and

Wife’s shopping disorder

Q: For some years now, my wife has developed a shopping routine which is beginning to drive me crazy. Basically, her whole routine is based on buying items that are reduced in price – whether general groceries, household items or

A Very Lonely Misfit

Q: I’m a thinker; I sometimes wish that I weren’t, but I am. I constantly feel as if I am too detached from everyday life–too much of an analyzer to immerse myself in it without feeling like I’m “acting.” I

12 years of guilt

Q: Before I met my husband, I was engaged to another man, my first love. Our breakup was devastating to me. When he got married less than a year later, I was still hopelessly in love with him. I got