Am I Bipolar?

i think i am bipolar… i go from being happy and normal to being extremely irritated and really angry. little things can ruin my day to the point where i shout and swear at people who did nothing wrong, while

Am I Anorexic?

Hi I’m 15, female, 5’2 and 87. I’m completely obsessed with food. It literally rules my life. I stay up all night thinking and planning what I will eat the next day. I love making food for others but I

Afraid to Get Help

I’m turning 18 in a couple weeks. I’m a female that has been dealing with Bipolar-like symptoms, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts since an event in my family at the age of 12. It has been a long, tiring road, and

What’s Happening to Me?

I have decided to post this on psych central instead of Yahoo answers, haha, I will hopefully get a more professional answer. I’ve always had anxiety issues and been prone to depression, but it’s worsened over the last years. I

Psychosis Maybe?

I sometimes get paranoid that what I think and feel isn’t really me, that it’s all just some unreal lie type thing. I used to have moderately severe depression but I don’t feel as though I do anymore. I have