Q: I’ve suffered from depression for over 20 years with periods of “remission” but never really normal mood. Diagnosis is Major Depression,with features of dependent personality but not full Axis II. I’ve been on Prozac,Zoloft,Cymbalta,Serzone, Wellbutrin,Buspar,Geodon (Yikes!),Seroquel,Elavil,Trazadone, Effexor,Lamictal,Klonipin (only briefly),

Bad job decisions

Q: I recently took the plunge with an associate of mine to start a new practice. We left the safe haven of our clinic to begin, what I thought was a bright, new beginning. However, once the process began, I

Should I Get Help?

Q. Well, i just became a member today maybe because i’m finally willing to admit that i have a problem. I attempted suicide a year ago..and went to one of those hospital things..they put me on some anti-depressants which seemed