Excessive Rage

I understand the fact that my A.D.D. might play a role in my issues with rage, but not to the extent I have. I have had this problem with it for quite sometime; but has gotten worse since the end

Jealousy and Anger

Me and my husband have been together for 2years and half..But the past months we have been fighting constantly, and I know it’s all because of me..My husband told me he had joined the strip-clubs before he meet me with

Angry and Need Help

I am very Angry and having trouble communicating with current psychologist. I accidently posted this same question on the General Boards under a different name, but I meant to post it to a therapist. Recently in my history I was

15 and Destructive

Well when I get angry I express it by breaking things,yelling,cussing,and hitting. Little things make me mad like my sister being rude to me for no reason and my mom always taking her side. My sister is 13 by the