Angry and Need Help

I am very Angry and having trouble communicating with current psychologist. I accidently posted this same question on the General Boards under a different name, but I meant to post it to a therapist. Recently in my history I was

15 and Destructive

Well when I get angry I express it by breaking things,yelling,cussing,and hitting. Little things make me mad like my sister being rude to me for no reason and my mom always taking her side. My sister is 13 by the

Extreme anger

Q: I am suffering from extreme anger disorder. When I get angry I end up doing things which is not my normal character. I was a normal girl with utmost patience. I got married and got seperated due to problems

My dad abuses me.

My dad has abused me emotionally physically and verbally since i was born and i am now 13 1/2. The physical abuse has stopped but the verbal and emotional abuse hasn’t and i am scared! I threatened my father that