Why Am I Angry?

I get short, testy and sometimes even angry when I get questioned by my girlfriend. I honestly think I’m never wrong (although I know I am sometimes). She is just trying to understand and I take it as a challenge.

Worried about a Sibling

I’m concerned about my little brother. He’s 17. In public, he comes across as thoughtful, well-spoken, well-read, and almost forcefully calm. But at home, we see a completely different side of him. He’s often irritable or hostile with little cause.

Losing Control?

Should I return to the UK to get treatment? In short, I had the typical bad childhood. My father was an abusive alcoholic who beat my mum and brother and was constantly in and out of prison. Both of my

Unstable Emotions

I’m not getting much help from my doctor: Ok so i have the following symptoms: depression (a lot); low mood; sometimes i feel i have too much energy and can actually feel the adrenalin inside my body running through my

How to Get Help?

I’ve noticed for a while that i have a depression but didnt go to a therapist yet. This is because i only made bad experiences with psychologists so far, i had an anorexia when i was 16, probably it wasnt