Are People Born Bad?

Greetings, first of all please forgive me if my thoughts aren’t being portrayed correctly in my writing. Anyway. My family has had a history of mental illness/disorders, my grandmother suffered from sociopathy and we believe that her mother was schizoid.

I Want to Murder

I despise my friends and family. I despise my school; thought I have good grades, which I believe are pointless. I despise society and its expectations. I despise structured and organized environments. I feel misanthropic in a way. I want

Possibly Bipolar II?

Greetings. I have come to terms that I might have Bipolar II. I’m not certain. I seem to be clinically depressed, suffering from severe bouts of depression all my life on and off. Sometimes, my libido will increase out of

Is this Schizophrenia?

I know you get questions about Schizophrenia a lot, and I apologize for taking your time, but I couldn’t find any answered questions similar to my situation. I believe I may be suffering from Schizophrenia, but I’m not sure. I

Where Can I Find Help?

I was molested for several years as a child. I can’t stop lying about EVERYTHING. I abuse alcohol. I feel a constant need for attention and validation. Sometimes I’m suicidal. I have a never ending sexual appetite. I cry hysterically