Mother Issues

According to my mother im gay because im single. Im 34 and live with my mother and never had a steady girlfriend but believe me i tried. But to her, no women means im automatically sneaking around with another man

Too Sensitive?

Ever since I was younger, even the smallest actions can hurt me. I try not to show that it bothers me, because I don’t want other people thinking i’m weak. Basically, my whole confidence is based on what other people

I Really Need Help

I”ve always thought of violence but it has gotten way worse. It started with me just having thoughts of killing people and ocasionally having daydreams. After a few weeks i began to enjoy these dreams and i dremt about them

Lack of Self-Worth

In the simplest of terms: how does one get over a fear of positivity and goodness in one’ life? If I set out to achieve anything, internally I am self-destructing, though externally I am fairly successful in what I can