Pretend Scenarios

Hello. I have a horrible habit of conversing with people I know…but they’re not even there! I do it constantly, and for long periods of time throughout the day or whenever I’m alone. It’s really been annoying me lately (gets

Depression & Suicide

Don’t know where to start so… I’m a 28-year-old male have no kids never been a relationship and don’t have a really have much else. Surprisingly though I’m actually very interested in psychology and can see people problems including my

I Feel Homicidal

I’ve never felt homicidal before, ever. I’ve felt suicidal, but never homicidal. THen, something happened last night.I’m not gonna say what it is, but it made my parents mad at me and lose their trust. I started to feel suicidal,

Suicidal Tendencies

I drank sometimes in high school like most teenagers, and in college, I started drinking more. I’d have a few shots sometimes on weekdays and weeknights, sometimes in class. Sometimes it was by myself, sometimes in front of my friends.