Inability to Have Sex

Since I can remember, I’ve always thought of myself as unattractive. At school I was considered undesirable and teased indirectly about my looks. In my later teens men started taking an interest and I became sexually active and happy, eventually

Binge Eating and Depression

I’ve been depressed for about 4 years now and recently it has started to get worse. I don’t go out with my friends any more, and I’ve began binge eating and cutting. I’m a distance runner and since I’ve been

I Feel Very Incompetent

Hello. All my life I feel as if I’ve always been behind in some regard. In school, I struggled immensely with keeping up my grades and staying on top of school work. In high school and middle school, I had

Tired of Being Insulted

Hi. I wanted to ask a question about how to deal with a situation that seems to be ongoing or at least it seems like it is (possible I might be paranoid too). I recently have been hearing people [strangers]

Life Going Down Hill

My life has been going down hill recently. I have never been an abusive person, but suddenly I punched two kids in my class (they were teasing me but that is no excuse). Academically I’m not doing so great anymore.

Constant Anger

I am constantly getting angry and it is starting to affect the relationship I am in. I get angry over lots of tiny things such as saying one thing wrong or something not working, all little things make me hit