I awoke this morning to the sound of someone wearing flip flops walking into my room. The sound was very clear and distinct. My fiance has been out of town the last few weeks so I am alone in the

I Want to Kill People

I’m wondering if anything is “wrong” with me. I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with me. In fact, I feel pretty good. But…I really want to kill people, and I guess I think I probably shouldn’t. I have found

Relationship Problems

Your opinion? My partner is contradictory and critical, but at the same time gets very upset if any of her ideas or decisions are questioned in any way. Examples: She will ridicule any book I am reading unless it is

Is This Bipolar?

Hello, I apologize if this appears jumbled, I feel there’s a lot I need to add! I would like to know whether these symptoms may be pointing towards Bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety about 6 years ago.

Depression and Anorexia

When I was in the seventh grade I always joked about depression. I never knew how serious it could be. My mother abandoned our family when I was little and got into drugs. My dad has been a single parent