Mass Anxiety Pains

I was diagnosed with BPD, GAD and MDD a few years ago, and  different therapists have speculated about quite a few other disorders without officially diagnosing any of them. I’ve both read and been told that anxiety can cause physical

Unusual Work Conduct

I work for a company Montego Bay, Jamaica and for the past two and a half years I have been constantly harassed my coworkers. I reported this my managers and Human Resource Department and they do nothing to help or

Fear and Anxiety at Night

Hi, I am 15 years old and about three months ago I had a “Panic Attack” in bed at night. Since then at night-time I have this extreme fear. This includes heart palpation, trembling, numbing in hands and feet, fast

Therapist Reaction

I have seen my therapist for several years and she has been extremely helpful. Despite the number of years we have worked together, I still find opening up with her and sharing certain feelings or thoughts extremely difficult. Part of

Emotional Affairs

I’ve been married for five years. In that time, my wife has had what I consider two text message emotional affairs with men. I know physical cheating has not happened and am pretty sure she’d not act out the texting

I Become Insufferable During PMS

I experience extreme PMS and feel like I am driving my loved ones away. I have been in and out of the doctor for two years, still don’t know. I experience extreme depression, anger, hopelessness and never ending pain during ovulation