POCD vs. Pedophilia

if any, between POCD and true pedophilia? How does one know which they have? If someone is a pedophile, should they seek therapy or have themselves locked away? Pedophiles are sexually attracted to children and prefer children over age-appropriate partners.

Job burnout

I’m an Air Force veteran…separated from service in ’95 honorably. Since ’95,I’ve been through 14 jobs all told(9 welding,1 maintenance and 4 odd jobs for cash).I liked the Air Force(welding/machinist)job and a Mining Machinery job the best…I’ve been released from

Daughter refuses help

My daughter (age 22) was recently diagnosed as bipolar. She had a major panic attack and was hospitalized for 2 weeks, which was very traumatic. After her release, she stayed on her meds and went to sessions with a therapist