Why Do I Do This?

I recently came to the realization that all my life, since maybe 8 years old, I have been micro-harming my body. I bit my lips when I was younger, possibly the first of these occurrences. I would seriously go at

Maybe Bipolar II?

Adult son 23 has been depressed for years. Not moving forward with his life. My husband and I took a NAMI class (12 weeks) and am starting to understand that he may be bipolar ll. He refuses help from psychologists

Self-Harm Addiction

I love cutting my skin open so much. Although sight of blood makes me sick (and seldom faint), I love watching blood oozing out of my self-inflicted wound. I am extremely addicted to it. I don’t understand. Why is this

Breakup Stages

I am wondering what stage of breakup I am in. Breakup occurred three weeks ago, had been five years with him. I’m starting to accept the reality, but I’m wondering if I’m still in denial and have the other four

Is This Cheating?

This happened in 2015, when my husband came home after a trip to Amsterdam. He told me he had been to the RLD and wanted us to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. When I asked him about what transpired-