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Can Someone with Both Bipolar and PMS Be Stable?

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From a woman in the U.S.: Hello, I suffer from bipolar. But that isn’t always my biggest problem. This is personal, but i am desperate for help.

I suffer from PMS. PMS triggers My mania and depression by 1000%. I looked it up and saw where PMDD makes symptoms of bipolar almost unbearable.

Our lives are in complete chaos for 7 to 9 days a month. I can go into rages and find myself throwing pillows across rooms, punching the mattress, or pulling at my hair and just screaming over the smallest thing. I do not feel like myself. I feel disconnected from reality. I watch this other “person” take over and be cruel, heartless,  and apathetic with their words, and actions.

Yet, the guilt I carry for these outbursts will eat me alive. I fall into a depression so deep, I am completely immobilized and not functional.

My whole family suffering. We can’t keep living like this and my husband told me he is coming close to emotionally shutting down. I need help. I feel so irrational, lost, and out of control. Although this topic isn’t for everyone, I can’t be the only one with bipolar who suffers like this. I’m tired. Drained. And feeling defeated. Is there any advice or coping skills that will help me bring back stability to my home and sanity for myself?

Can Someone with Both Bipolar and PMS Be Stable?

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Thank you for writing. You did a good job describing the problem, but you didn’t share what you have already done to help yourself.

This is treatable. PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) and Bipolar disorder are both cyclical mood disorders. It is not uncommon for a woman to have both. In one study, PMS was reported by twice as many women who had been diagnosed with bipolar and depression than those who did not have a mental health diagnosis. Unfortunately, the combination can create worse symptoms.

There is no reason for you — and your family — to continue to suffer like this. You need to see a psychiatrist who has experience with the combination of the two diagnoses for an evaluation and suggestions for treatment. I found a number of studies that suggest medications that can be helpful.

I’m not a medical doctor so I can’t comment more than that. You need to see an MD psychiatrist who can provide you with the medication help and support you need.

You might also benefit from seeing a counselor to help you learn some additional coping strategies for times when symptoms feel so unmanageable. If you have difficulty explaining your situation to professionals, take your letter to us with you to the first appointment. That will jumpstart your session.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Can Someone with Both Bipolar and PMS Be Stable?

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