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Molested by My Grandfather in a Dream

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Last night I had a dream that I was molested by my grandfather. We were sat on my auntie’s bed, he was drunk and his face screwed up and his demeanor was very different to how he is in real life, but it was my grandfather.
My grandfather and I are very close, he is everything to me and I grew up with my grandparents so they are more like my parents than grandparents.

When I was approx 6-years-old, I was molested by my uncle on my grandfather’s side – my grandfather’s brother. They look a little alike but not extremely so. My grandparents are aware and they supported me throughout. I know for a fact that this dream was not a recollection or reflection of any real-life happenings. But why did it have to be my grandfather? I even spoke the words in my dream, “please don’t be like your brother.” While I was pleading with him not to touch me -in the dream.

My grandfather is everything to me. Now I feel guilty and ashamed at having such a dream because he would never hurt me. The events of my childhood happened so long ago and do not tend to affect my everyday life as an adult as I have learned to accept what happened. Please tell me why this horrid dream had to occur and why now when I’m at a point in my life where I am happy and living with my soul mate in a very loving relationship. I woke up physically crying my heart out and sweating all over. I don’t understand why this is happening now. Please enlighten me as I don’t want this dream to ever reoccur. (From the United Kingdom)

Molested by My Grandfather in a Dream

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Dreams are important and typically happening to help us in some way. The way to understand the dream is to ask yourself what is/are the essential feature(s) in the dream, why is it happening now, and if the dream is trying to help — what is it trying to get you to become aware of?

Only you can interpret this accurately, but what jumps out from the content of the dream is the issue of similar but different. Is there someone in your life, a situation, an encounter where you are experiencing someone one way, but hoping they do not act in another? The fact that your (good) grandfather is symbolizing the (bad) uncle may be a clue. More specifically, is there a good man in your life that you may be concerned about? This could be that the situation is good and you worry how long it will last, or that you have uncertainty about a relationship with a man.

Finally, since the phrase you use is actually: “don’t be like your brother,” maybe to look specifically at brothers you know in your life.

Finally, keep a journal of your important dreams as they will often give you clues about what the theme is to become aware of.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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Molested by My Grandfather in a Dream

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