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Question Regarding the Current Method Of Psych. Proceedings

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I have been restarting psychotherapy. I have been having a psychiatrist(meds.) for a while now. I started and stopped a year ago. I have been back at it since about February. Every type of medication works for a short while and then stops or causes me side effects (such as shaking, feeling even more depressed and having More mood swings….) –all of this happens in less than 2 months, Everytime!! (I do the first 3 weeks to adjust for all)

So, during my last appointment(on Zoom), I asked if it were possible for me to start my therapy as I’ve been with them for nearly 6 months now; I also wanted to know if it were possible for me to STOP any new meds.

I want to know what I can say/do. I told her that I am possibly pregnant; she just searched up the med. and told me that they won’t affect me until third trimester.

I was born disabled and don’t want ANY Meds. in my system!! I also don’t want to become addicted. My pain meds. barely work as well and I have to take them every day. I don’t need something else messing with my system and causing anything new and wrong!!

She just told me that I Have to Do BOTH(psych. AND Therapy). I just want to cancel out psych, as they gave me a choice in the beginning.

There is basically, only ONE facility that I can go to and this place is Always changing out doctors as they continue to leave; One reason I decided to stop in the first place.

I mean, I DO have a Right as a Patient to choose my method of help, right?? But will I get in trouble with anyone else for deciding to stop All medications?? I just won my SSDI case(they wanted to say I wasn’t disabled anymore because I turned 18). This is recent and although everything is still new, will removing my medication so soon affect me??

I don’t want to Have to LIE to them(psych.) and just have my pills sitting in a drawer and my record being falsefied….

Anyways, What can I do? What can I say?

If pregnant, I don’t want ANY New meds., no matter how LOW they try to make the side effects seem!!
All she was worried about was scheduling a therapy appointment and telling me to use Protection. It made me feel as though she just wants to earn her pay by adding another patient who isn’t allowed to leave. (If you could understand what I mean) THANK YOU FOR READING!! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! (From the USA)

Question Regarding the Current Method Of Psych. Proceedings

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I can certainly understand your desire to refuse medical treatment and yet want the psychotherapy. While the mainstream standard is typically to use a combination of medicine and psychotherapy together for the best results, there is also emerging evidence that some psychotherapy approaches may work better than this treatment as usual as these references on positive psychotherapy will attest to. On the other hand, there are legal rights that you should become familiar with in both your state and as a patient being cared for.

Naturally, I can’t give you medical advice, but I am certain that a physician had to evaluate you for your Social Security Disability Insurance claim. It might be worth it to contact him or her and explain your situation to see what might be recommended.

Also, the fact that you are pregnant means that you can get the opinion of the OBGYN specialist to weigh in on helping you with the medicine decision. You could also ask to be reevaluated by someone else at your clinic who might see the risk during the final trimester as evidence enough for them to honor your request.

In any case, I strongly recommend you find medical help to help you safely come off the medicine. You don’t want to do something unknowingly that might be dangerous or difficult. A medical opinion on this is essential.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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Question Regarding the Current Method Of Psych. Proceedings

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