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Am I a Sociopath?

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From a young woman in Egypt: how do you know for sure you are a sociopath? Like few days ago I went by a chance through a video of how to know if you’re in a relationship with a sociopath and out of nowhere it started describing so many weird traits about me that I weren’t able to understand before like not being able to feel empathy for others and force yourself to feel emotions or faking it, not crying on a relative death or feel sad, not even once feel guilty although I feel a sense of shame i think when I do something wrong and someone blame me, pathological liar, reading people minds and dealing with them accordingly which I thought was normal and is the way by which all people communicate, impulsiveness, irresponsibility,

I don’t stay in a relationship or in my case a friendship even more than two years extremely, manipulative for their own benefits which yes it’s something I do.  and another thing I thought that all humans do it to a certain degree as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone like you’re just using them a little but with their agreement so why is it even something bad, and many other stuff but yet I never intended to cause harm to anyone with the intention of just causing harm,

I rarely get angry at anyone except when i feel out of control and I always leave them and just stay by myself and most people around me think that I’m a good person so I’m a little confused that enough to be diagnosed as a sociopath

Am I a Sociopath?

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The answer to your question is “no”. It’s not enough to make a diagnosis. I think your letter is an example of how a little information can do a lot of harm. You stumbled on a video that had enough truth in it that you got upset and started to second guess yourself. You may have found something useful. But it’s also possible that you are over-thinking.

Here’s the difficulty with diagnosing a “personality disorder”. All of the traits are common to almost everyone – at least some of the time. They are variables in people’s personalities.

Someone is diagnosed as having a personality disorder when a group of traits become so patterned and rigid that the result is an unhealthy pattern of thinking and functioning and feeling. People with a personality disorder have difficulty in all areas of life, including social relationships, work, and academics. Usually they don’t experience themselves as having a problem because, to them, what they think and feel seem natural.  None the less, the difficulties show up in patterns of failure in friendships, romance, and accomplishments.

You may have a personality disorder. Or you may be over-worried that you do. The way to settle the question is to make an appointment with someone who is qualified to make a diagnosis, not Dr. Google. Get a good assessment. If you do have a disorder, you will be given suggestions for treatment. If you don’t, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Am I a Sociopath?

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