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Why Do I Seem to Have a Brain Fog?

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From a young man in Serbia: I am currently suffering by some sort of undiagnosed unknown illness, as in a cant concentrate at all, I am always thinking what to say and how to do it, even when I am alone, my overthinking is extreme.

I also have this crippling brain fog that I could be in a state of not moving from a pc for 2 days straight, doing nothing, literally mindlessly scrolling through youtube, not even watching videos. My problem is that I can’t connect my thoughts, one starts and almost instantly stops, followed by nothingness, my mind is always empty or is thinking about myself, as in my thoughts actions, etc, my self-awareness is through the roof.

I have this weird tendency to say and act only on impulse, without giving I t a second thought. Whatever comes first to my mind say it, be it right or wrong, and it’s really weird because I don’t process it at all.

I am not depressed at all but I can get a little bit anxious in social situations because I don’t want people to see that there is something off about me, and then I try to exit my mind, which can sometimes lead to forced conversations or awkward behavior.

I was misdiagnosed a number of times, and none of the diagnosis isn’t even close to having any relevance with my symptoms(BPD, Anxiety and Depression, Unspecified Psychosis, Schizoid)

Can you please shed some light on this condition, i would really like to know alt least from what i am suffering. Thanks.

Why Do I Seem to Have a Brain Fog?

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I’m wondering if you have Asperger Syndrome. I may be wrong. I don’t have much to go on in your letter. But you report some of the thoughts and behaviors I’ve heard from clients on the autism spectrum. Often they have been misdiagnosed a number of times. I think it’s worth pursuing. Look for a therapist who specializes in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders). You have nothing to lose except an hour or so of your time and you may finally have an answer.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Why Do I Seem to Have a Brain Fog?

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