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I Want to Feel Normal Again

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From a young woman in the U.S.: For the last maybe, 8 or so months, i’ve had this very, hollow, empty feeling inside. I recently moved from my home town, and my friend also recently passed away. I thought i was handling it okay, but within the last 2 weeks or so, i’ve been having thoughts of suicide. I don’t think i’d ever kill myself, but there’s almost a voice in my head that thinks about it often. The last few days, i’ve had trouble falling asleep, then i’ve been waking up multiple times in the evening, feeling restless.. thinking about horrible things, such as close family members dying, or killing myself. i feel very alone, and i have no one i can talk to about this. i just don’t know what’s happening, depression runs in my family, but i’ve always considering myself a very upbeat person, and recently, i don’t feel the same. i just want to feel normal again.

I Want to Feel Normal Again

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As long as we feel we can handle things that stress us, we feel okay, or at least okay enough. When stress overtakes our ability to cope, it is then that symptoms emerge.

I can’t know for sure without talking to you, of course. But I can make the guess that your recent move has left you without the people who give you the social and emotional support you have needed in hard times. Then your friend passed away. You have had to deal with your grief alone. If that were not enough, you aren’t sleeping. Sleep is a necessity for being able to cope with the challenges of life. Without enough sleep, people become fragile and, often, depressed.

You were right to begin a conversation with us here at PsychCentral but a short letter and short response is unlikely to be enough. If you can arrange a visit home to friends and family you can really talk to, then please do that. You’ll probably feel much better.

If you can’t get home or if home isn’t a place where you get support, do consider a short course of therapy in order to have a place to grieve with good support. Therapy will also help you make the adjustment to a new town and will help you find ways to build a new group of friends.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I Want to Feel Normal Again

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