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Not Sure What It Is — I Need an Answer

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I can’t sit still ever even when in bed I’m always rocking my whole body involuntarily twitches or shakes I can’t focus can’t look people in the eyes I’m always hurting always feel bored have trouble being able to do what I need to not good with math when I read I see words that are not there my moods never stay the same –daily they change from happy sad crying frustrated angry I yell when I don’t mean I feel somewhat empty flashing lights, glitter, and paper interest me I don’t know why I can’t remember very well I am also hearing impaired and I have a few health issues but the problem om asking about needs a diagnosis for my doctor can you help please what it this called what do I do (From the USA)

Not Sure What It Is — I Need an Answer

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I’m sorry you are having so many difficulties. It must be challenging for you to have these involuntary experiences. Twitching, rocking, not being able to focus, no eye contact, as well as difficulty reading, calculating, and hearing. It must seem like you are on a shaky tightrope from the moment your day starts.

The first question I’d have for you is: when do you feel your best? Is there a time when many of these symptoms aren’t present? Is there a time when you feel good—or at least largely symptom-free? I think trying to understand when these issues aren’t present can help tune into a deeper understanding of what’s going on. Too often the symptoms drive the treatment without an understanding of what may be naturally happening that gets you engaged and feeling better.

I am going to recommend three courses of action. First, let’s find out what it is that defines the best elements of who you are. To do this go to this site at and take the character strength survey. There are a number of terrific articles written by Dr. Ryan Niemiec here, and these will help focus on what you are good at. Treating symptoms without knowing these strengths is only half the job. Understanding your character strengths will help you improve your healing from these issues as well as help you find more well-being in your life.

Secondly, I’d recommend a battery of tests done by a clinical psychologist or neuropsychologist. Almost all of your symptoms seem to suggest that a thorough evaluation of your abilities would be helpful. Rather than guess at a diagnosis, a battery of tests can determine why certain things are happening. They can help pinpoint causes and help identify patterns and links. While it may seem hard to imagine — a number of your symptoms could actually be the result of the same underlying issue. Issues like boredom, distraction, mood swings and reading problems can sometimes be linked together in ways that neuropsychological tests can reveal.

Finally, I’ll recommend an evaluation by a psychiatrist or neurologist. Sometimes the psychological issues you’ve described can be caused by underlying medical concerns. The physicians specializing in these areas can check for these possibilities.

By looking for those times when these symptoms are lessened or reversed, getting psychological testing to identify to the range of your abilities, and having a medical exam by specialists, you are gathering the information you’ll need to come up with ways to feel sustainably better

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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Not Sure What It Is — I Need an Answer

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