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Why Don’t I Enjoy Things I Enjoyed Before?

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From a teen in Bosnia: It started one year ago, the time I stopped hanging out with my friends and doing outdoor activities. The main problem I have is that I can’t enjoy in things I enjoyed before. Beside that problem, my concentration reduced and I can’t focus on some things well. I also have a big problem with appetite, it increased a lot. Also, my sleeping is disturbed. One year already, I didn’t sleep before of midnight. Like I have a timer that tells me when I will go to sleep, so I usually sleep 6-8 hours.

My speech and thoughts are disturbed as well. While I]m speaking, I barely make a correct sentence.Another big problem, is memory loss. I memorized things pretty well before, but since this thing happened, it is pretty disturbed.I barely memorize any information. Sometimes I even forget my date birth, or what day is it. I’;m addicted to masturbation.I do it minimum twice per day or even more times (depends on how much busy I am.

Every time I go outdoor, I become nervous when I’m walking beside people and I don’t know why. Sometimes I even start sweating.I spend most of the time home.I only go outdoor to go to training, to school and to buy something, friends don’t exist for me anymore.

I thought this problem will be solved by itself, but it’s only worse. I’m feeling worse every day more and more, this week I started getting headache that I didn’t have for years. I barely resist one single day in school. I think I’m losing nerves. If I didn’t go crazy yet, I will soon. I was thinking about to go to psychologist. I hope you will tell me what kind of disease is this and help me. Thank you for reading this so much!

Why Don’t I Enjoy Things I Enjoyed Before?

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You have suffered about this on your own for long enough! Stop thinking about going to see a professional and do it — now.  It’s not getting better. It is getting worse. There is nothing to be ashamed of that you haven’t figured it out by yourself. If you could solve the problem on your own, you would have done so long ago.

There’s often a two step process to figure out symptoms like yours: Medical and Psychological. First, get yourself to your doctor immediately. There are a number of medical conditions that can cause symptoms like yours at your age.

If you are fine medically, then it’s time to go see a psychologist or other mental health counselor. Your doctor will probably have some suggestions about who might be most helpful to a teen.

I hope you have parents who can be supportive. If you haven’t told them how much you are suffering, then do. If you can’t find the words, then it might help to share the letter you wrote to me and my response. I don’t know anything about the services available in your country. Hopefully, your parents will know how to access the assessments you need. Good treatment can only happen when there’s first been a good evaluation.

I hope you care enough about yourself to seek out what you need. You need and deserve help.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Why Don’t I Enjoy Things I Enjoyed Before?

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