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Am I Having Racing Thoughts?

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From a teen in India:  It usually happens when I wake up and I can’t stop thinking it’s not that i have anything to think about or worry For but i just think about anything not necessarily negative just anything and then the mind shifts to another thing and another and it’s not the way we all think in the morning

I feel uneasy I feel weird and bad and it feels bad and I have heard that in racing thoughts feel like a million thoughts rushing past you but it’s not like that for me they are just constant and they make me feel uneasy. Is there a chance these could be racing thoughts?

Am I Having Racing Thoughts?

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Thank you for writing. There’s a difference between thoughts that are “racing” and “racing thoughts”. Racing thoughts tend to be repetitive and feel over-whelming. Often they are a sign of acute anxiety or possibly bipolar disorder.

Unless you have other symptoms, I think you are someone who runs through all the things he needs to do and think about when you wake up. I have a guess that the reason you feel bad is because you worry that these waking thoughts are abnormal. That isn’t necessarily so.

Another possibility is something called “morning anxiety”. Morning anxiety refers to waking up with feelings of stress and worry. It’s usually a reaction to stress. A person with morning anxiety is also likely to have generalized anxiety. If that is the case, it would be helpful for you to see a mental health specialist who can provide you with some coaching and support for managing your stress.

Mindfulness techniques are also often helpful. Focus on a word or phrase or feeling and breathe deeply. Another technique is to write things down. By writing, you get the thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Still another technique is to do a mental sort of the thoughts: Discard those that make no sense. Put your attention on the thoughts that do need it. The internet has many articles that provide tips for settling down your thinking. See if following some of those suggestions are helpful.

I wish you well,

Dr. Marie

Am I Having Racing Thoughts?

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