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Why Do I Feel Like This?

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Hey, I sometimes feel like there is a weight on my chest a heavy rock as if someone if pressing my chest I feel anxious and uneasy, sometimes I can’t even give a name to my feelings and I sit there wondering what do I have, I have some symptoms of OCD for example in a shop I so idk touch dresses and if I touch one with my left hand it has to be touched by my right hand as well in the same manner there are many more examples of such things but I have never had an anxiety attack. What is this?

Why Do I Feel Like This?

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You might be describing anxiety or panic attack. Essentially, they are the same thing. People very commonly describe experiencing a heavy weight on their chest, just as you have. The fact that you have some symptoms of OCD is further evidence that anxiety is a problem in your life.

Anxiety might be the problem, but medical problems should first be ruled out. It would be advisable to consult a physician to examine whether medical problems could be causing the problem.

In the meantime, consult a therapist who could investigate whether anxiety is to blame for the symptoms. Once you have a diagnosis, treatment can commence. Anxiety is commonly treated with psychotherapy and medication. You don’t have to do both. What you choose depends on what you’re comfortable with and the nature of your condition.

The good news is that anxiety is a highly treatable condition. Your next step should be evaluation and then treatment. It’s ill-advised to avoid this problem and to hope it simply goes away on its own. Anxiety typically gets worse without treatment. Alternatively, treatment is highly effective for anxiety. You shouldn’t tolerate problems that are easily rectified. Hopefully this convinces you to seek treatment. Good luck with your efforts. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Why Do I Feel Like This?

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