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Hopeless Future

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What do you do when you have been unable to have any hope for your own future? This has gone on for 6 years. I can still find joy, but i have lost almost everything. The mental healthcare system is appalling, its about cheap imported toxic drugs used to chemically neuter anyone who is passionate or who is white, straight, and conservative. And I am sick of being lumped in with opioid addicts. Addicts made a choice to abuse drugs. Depression, PTSD, are NOT a choice. Plus I am sick of illegals, minorities, & special interests getting to do and say what ever they want, and of them getting a free ride while I work my butt off only to have what I earn taken from me & given to those freeloaders. Obamacare has allowed our private medical data to be expolited for profit; see the FICO medication adherence score for example). I have corporate health insurance but it now costs $10,000 out of pocket per year & only covers the same crappy providers that medicaid welfare freeloaders can access. The toxic left and Congress destroyed US healthcare via obama. Now the cures act ensures humans are the medical device guinea pigs instead of the former FDA 2-animal model/clinical trial model. Grneric meds are literally toxic and inferior worh side effect profiles that are horrific – cheap meds are useless. Moreover, the quality of the fake providers (non-MDs) that is the new standard in the “value-based” hellcare industry is nothing but a sick joke. This is why I dont want to wake up tomorrow- where is the hope for any quality of life in the future? This is America. And as the former spouse of a legal immigrant, where is this Nation headed when Citizens are treated like trash?

Hopeless Future

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You certainly have strong opinions, and perhaps nothing I could say would change your opinions. If my opinion differs from yours, who should be believed? Put very simply, we should believe whatever is true, true in reality. An opinion is not necessarily true. It either is true or it is not true. You are either right or you are wrong. I am either right, with a certain opinion about a certain thing, or I am wrong.

The world is full of people, who will lie to you, mislead you and intentionally deceive you. It is your job to ascertain the truth, always. It’s your job because it is you who will suffer if you believe something to be true that isn’t true.

You hear things on the news that make you believe that stock XYZ is a sure winner and cannot fail. You get a second mortgage on your house and invest all of that money on stock XYZ. You sincerely believe that stock XYZ will make you rich and you also believe the guy on the news who told you that stock XYZ couldn’t fail. In his own words “bet the house” and you did.

Your deeply held belief that the stock was a sure winner turned out to be wrong. The guy on the news, whom you sincerely trusted and believed in, misled you. You were wrong to have trusted him and you were wrong to have “bet the house” on something that you’d heard on a certain news station.

The other new stations said not to buy stock XYZ but you never heard them say that because you were focused on just one new station or type of news station. They were wrong and you were wrong to have believe them. Why? Because they were wrong and now you can’t afford two mortgages and you lose your house. You are suffering but the guy on the news station and in fact the news station itself, they’re doing just fine.

It matters what you believe, because you will pay for being wrong. It is essential to search out the truth. That means research. That means listening to all the new stations not just one. Why? Because you will pay for beliefs that are not correct. You will pay in terms of depression and aggravation of your PTSD.

You stated in your letter that you were white, straight and conservative. If you are white, chances are your ancestors came from Europe. Maybe Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, etc. You might be very proud to have come from one of those countries and you should be.

All of those countries have national health insurance. We are the only democracy left in the world that does not provide its citizens health insurance. If your ancestors would’ve stayed in one of those countries you would now receive free healthcare and medical prescriptions.

When you form an opinion, you should do so based on an immense amount of research. Listen to all of the new stations, read a variety of newspapers and don’t limit yourself to those in this country. American politics and news is covered around the world. You need to be right in your opinions and if you’re wrong, you will certainly pay for being wrong. And so will I and so will everyone.

Most people form their opinions by copying the opinions of others. Abraham Maslow makes that point in his book about personality and motivation, titled the same. He says that most people have no idea where their opinions come from. They simply copy the opinions of people they like or people who generally share their overall outlook on life. It is Maslow, who insists that to be mentally healthy one must be correct in one’s perceptions of reality. I would greatly recommend that you read his book.

Finally, I would like to address the issue of addiction. You say that you don’t want to be lumped in with opioid addicts. You say that it is a choice to be an addict but not a choice to be depressed. You say that people can choose to use or not use drugs. Please remember, alcohol is a drug. It’s not sorta, kinda similar to a drug, it is a drug. Never think that marijuana is bad and alcohol is well just what sophisticated socially competent people use, after all it’s not a drug, I mean not really.

People freely choose to use their drugs of choice. It may be marijuana or it may be cocaine or it may be alcohol. Most users of marijuana have made a choice to use. Most users of cocaine have made a choice to use and most users of alcohol have made a choice to use. But not all users have a choice. Addicts, do not have a choice. Addiction is just like depression or PTSD. It is not a choice. No one chooses to be an addict or chooses to have depression or chooses to suffer from PTSD. If there was a button on the wall that said “push me to end depression” anyone with depression would rush over to push that button. If there was a button on the wall that said “push me to end your addiction” everyone with an addiction would rush over to push that button.

You should be proud to be white but you should be no more proud than someone who is brown or black. You should be proud to be straight but no prouder than someone who is not straight.

I am on your side. I sincerely hope you find happiness and meaning in life. If you were my client I would do my very best to help you achieve that because I believe you and everyone else deserves that. You’re right, life should be better for you but no better than anyone of any color or anyone of any sexual orientation. I’ve written you a long answer, longer than most, and I sincerely hope it’s helped.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Hopeless Future

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