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How Can I Get Out of This Rut?

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From India: I Don’t know what has happened to me suddenly. I used to be curious about life ; things ; had tons of seemed very bright to me as i’d many dreams too.. but now just all of a sudden i feel so dumb, i’ve no opinions, slow in studies; in fact, i just can’t concentrate in class. I forget even things i have heard 1000 times. I am not able to talk. My brain seems not to work  like a proof, nothing seems to go inside my head-i tend to forget most of the things that the hear or read.

i’m now in college  i don’t wish to be like that for i score very badly in tests. i feel so down all the time ; i don’t enjoy my hobbies anymore.
does anyone here feels this way? how can i get out of this messy rut?

How Can I Get Out of This Rut?

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When someone changes dramatically and without an apparent reason, the first thing to do is to check with a medical doctor to make sure there isn’t an undiagnosed medical issue going on. I don’t think so in this case but it’s always wise to check.

I’m wondering if being in college with the much higher academic demands and different social expectations has been overwhelming to you. It is not unusual for young people who excelled in high school to feel swamped in the first year of college where they are no longer the best and the brightest. In college, you are surrounded by other people who were also the best and the brightest in high school. If your self-esteem has been built on being one of the smartest and most interesting people in a room, it can be daunting to find yourself as only one of many people who are also smart and interesting.

If that is possibly the case, it’s important to understand it and to set more realistic goals for yourself. You may not get top grades at first. You have to learn a new set of expectations and a new way to manage your studies. If you have difficulty doing that, see if there is a counselor at your school who can help you figure it out.

I wish you well.

Dr. Marie

How Can I Get Out of This Rut?

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