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I Keep Pretending I’m a Fictional Character in a Different World in My Head

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Hi, I’m about to be 15 years old and since I think maybe when I was 12 years old I’ve been pretending that I’m a fictional character. I sometimes when I’m sitting in class i pretend to have random conversations to characters I made up in my head I don’t talk out load I just talk in my head, I try to snap out of it sometimes because I miss writing notes down off the board it really interrupts my school work.

I didn’t grow up with a lot of friends I usually spent time watching Movies or reading books like for an example I sometimes daydream of making up a fictional character in like the Harry Potter world and daydream being there and I make up some random girl with a name that I like and I will look up some girl and say that’s what the character I’m pretending to be looks like I know it sounds a bit creepy. And I also pretend I have these friends and I would sometimes when I’m alone talk to them but I don’t hear any voices I just imagine it.
I try to act myself and live my OWN life like a normal Teen but I just can’t I just keep getting into random fazes I like from different worlds I would pretend I was a star wars character I made up and all these other stuff and I just can’t live my life. I also pretend I’m reacting to a video or a movie as the characters I make up and I’m very insecure of how I look and it makes me feel better when I’m pretending, But I don’t like doing this at all I have anxiety and I was bullied a lot in elementary school but I just want to know if I have gone mad or anything or I’m just a really imaginative person and if there is anyways to stop this. (From Canada)

I Keep Pretending I’m a Fictional Character in a Different World in My Head

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Let’s not be too quick to pathologize this. Yes, you have a very active imagination, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not OK. Turn on the TV, go to the movies, read books of fiction. Creative people have very active imaginations and often explore emotions and ways of being in the world through being other characters.

I’d recommend taking a creative writing course or film course. My guess is you’re not getting a chance to use the gift of your imagination.

I’m certain your school has these outlets. Find teachers who celebrate creativity and fellow students whose imagination and creative energy matches yours.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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I Keep Pretending I’m a Fictional Character in a Different World in My Head

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