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Do I Have Anorexia?

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From a teen in Germany: I’ve started to recognize my weight problem at the age of 15, where most of my peers were already gaining both muscle and bone mass, while I just simply couldn’t gain none of the two. During the years, it became more and more obvious that I’m underweight. My body became skinny to the point where there is a thigh gap between my legs, my ribs are visible along my heartbeat (my skin on the stomach moves as my heart beats) and worse of them all: my arms are like twigs.

I’ve tried all sorts of exercises, food diets and what not in order to battle it out and gain some weight, it was all in vain. Nowadays, I am being afraid of myself as I’ve began to occupy myself with suicidal thoughts and food 24/7. To add insult to the injury, most of the people I know just keep pushing me to eat more, even when I feel like vomiting from eating too much. I just wanna know, is it possible that I’m suffering and do I need to get a help from a trained professional even though it’s quite obvious that I have anorexia nervosa? What should I do?

Do I Have Anorexia?

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It’s possible that your self-diagnosis is correct, but you didn’t indicate the usual behaviors of someone with anorexia.  From your letter, it looks to me like you’ve done “everything” except the thing you need most to do — which is to consult with a doctor. You may need something as simple as reassurance that there is a wide range of body types and men develop muscle mass at a wide range of ages. But it’s also possible that there is something amiss with your metabolism that could be corrected with some medication.

Please don’t wait another minute to make an appointment with your physician. You’ve suffered with this far too long already.

I wish you well.

Dr. Marie

Do I Have Anorexia?

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