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Constant Intrusive Thoughts

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I have OCD and intrusive thoughts because of my OCD. But for as long as i can remember i have this constant fear of someone being in my house and them going to kill me. I constantly check closets and around corners. The fear never goes away and im always on edge that some random person is in my house and i could die. Im not sure if its apart of my OCD or not. Thank you for reading and helping me.

Constant Intrusive Thoughts

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It’s difficult to know what may be causing this fear. If I had the opportunity to interview you, I would be attempting to determine its origin. Generally speaking, fears are valid if there is real danger. In other words, is there a rational basis for your fears? For instance, is there evidence to suggest that your home is unsafe? Do you live in a troubled neighborhood? Have neighbors experienced break-ins and thus you fear your home will be next? Have home invasions been a problem in your neighborhood? If the answers to any of those questions are yes, then your fears may be valid. If not, then your fears may not be valid, possibly indicating the origin is your anxiety disorder.

No matter the origin of your fears, it would be prudent to contact a therapist. They could assist you in determining what the problem may be, if your fears are valid, and most importantly, how to treat the ongoing issue. Living in fear is stressful and unpleasant. It doesn’t have to be that way when good treatments are available.

Ask your parents to assist you in finding a therapist or ask the school guidance counselor. They can help you to find good treatment. When it comes to anxiety disorders, it’s best to be proactive regarding treatment. Anxiety disorders tend to worsen without treatment and thus, getting help sooner is better than later. Good luck and please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Constant Intrusive Thoughts

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