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I’m Very Confused & I Think I’m Slowly Going Crazy

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its very hard to explain how I feel, I cant really explain my emotions at all, being in a relationship is hard because I feel like I cant talk about what im feeling in a way that I think will make sense to other people.
I tend to feel like im somehow not in control of my thoughts at all, its one thought after another sometimes with no connection at all I doubt myself so much, ill constantly think that what I feel is wrong and I shouldn’t even feel or think the way I do but I cant stop it.
I sometimes feel like im not myself or sometimes ill catch myself feeling more “awake” or “aware” sometimes I feel like I see myself in a different perspective almost as if I was not even in control of myself or even was myself. I cant hold a job because I have extremely bad anxiety. I kind of feel like im going crazy for feeling or thinking the way I do. I just want to know if I need to seek help maybe this is normal and everybody else feels like this?

I’m Very Confused & I Think I’m Slowly Going Crazy

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The feelings you have described make it difficult for you to function and hold a job. That is a sign that something is wrong. Everyone experiences anxiety on occasion, but it should not inhibit one’s ability to function in everyday life.

Contact your primary care physician about this matter. Describe your symptoms. They may prescribe medication for immediate relief and will likely refer you to a mental health professional. The mental health professional will evaluate your symptoms and determine the best course of treatment. Both medication and psychotherapy can help reduce or eliminate anxiety. Don’t wait to seek help. There’s no reason to wait when good help is available. Good luck and please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I’m Very Confused & I Think I’m Slowly Going Crazy

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