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I Need Advice about My Friend’s Situation

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Hi, I have a friend that is very tired most of the time but she sleep 8 hours a day. She has physical pain with no explanation, like headache or backache. She has sudden behavior changes too, from be normal one day to be angry or sad the other.

For her is hard to explain her feelings too, sometimes she cant know what emotion she has. It’s like she doesn’t enjoy life anymore. She just go to the college, go back to her home and do homework. My friends and I try to invited her to hang out but she refused the invitation.

She doubt of her abilities, she is a very talented person, but she doesn’t trust herself. She always think that what she did is wrong. Other think is that she believe that she is a burden for her family and for us.

I always try to listen to her when she talk with me about her thinks, but i fell helpless because i don’t know what to say or what to do. It’s hard to me read her, because sometimes she wants hug, but other times no. Other times she want to talk but other no.

I wanna help her to try be more open to express her feeling, but i don’t know how to do it with out say something that can hurt her or that make her stop talking about her situation with me. Please, i need advises.

I Need Advice about My Friend’s Situation

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You are doing all the right things. You are a supportive friend. You are there for her when she needs you. You hug her when she wants to be hugged, and you don’t when she’s doesn’t. That’s what supportive friends do for the people they care about.

To try anything more would be ill-advised. You are not a therapist. Encourage her to consult a mental health professional. It’s possible that she is experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety or other cause. It might explain her behavior and unspecified physical health problems.

In addition, encourage her to consult a primary care physician (PCP). PCPs often refer patients to mental health professionals when necessary. You might offer to accompany her to these appointments. She might feel more comfortable if you went along. Otherwise, you’re doing all you can. Good luck and please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Need Advice about My Friend’s Situation

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