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I’m Freaking Out

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From Canada: I am a 15 year old living in Canada. Since new years day (4 days ago) I have been experiencing bad insomnia, severe panic attacks and dissociation like never before. I have had dissociation since May but it never stopped me from functioning. Over the last few days, it has been really bad and I spent lots of time researching symptoms and they seem to match stories of people with acute schizophrenia.

I quit using marijuana 20 days ago and I have heard that using this drug can make you schizophrenic. I haven’t had delusions or hallucinations but my energy has decreased and I feel like i’m floating and out of touch. In addition, I have lost track of TV shows I was watching because I was unfocused and spacey feeling. Every once in a while when I’m walking, my vision will “tilt” or “twitch” for a split second and i’ll feel it in my head as well. I felt like I had the flu over the last 4 days with nausea/vomiting and the decreased focus and mental clarity could be from that but still… I am freaking out here. Please reply asap

I’m Freaking Out

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I’m glad you have quit marijuana. You probably had good reasons that continue to be true.

Has it occurred to you that you are suffering from withdrawal? You didn’t mention how much you were smoking or if you were also taking other drugs. I’m glad you quit, but “cold turkey” may have been tough on your system. It also occurs to me that you could just coincidentally also have a “flu”.

If this has continued since you wrote, please see your doctor to determine if you are physically ill and/or if you need some medical support while you give up the weed.

I wish you well.

Dr. Marie

I’m Freaking Out

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