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Immensely Disturbed by Violence in Media

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Recently, a friend went on about how much she enjoyed horror films. I’ve always hated them, but found myself unusually disturbed by her enthusiastic interest. It wasn’t that I was scared or found such movies gross, I simply cannot cope with the fact she could gleefully watch people die in horrific ways. This spread beyond the horror genre, to the point I completely stopped watching movies or shows and playing games, or really indulging in anything, that featured violence or death in any way.

I used to be fine with these things but now I can’t stand it at all. I simply think it’s morbid to derive pleasure from people being killed or tortured. I understand it’s all made up, but that almost makes it worse, as people claim real life violence makes them sick but have no issue creating or indulging in it in fiction. Almost the opposite is true with me, as one of my primary interests is world war history, and I don’t have any issue reconciling violence in real life, because it’s treated as it should be.

One other thing I suppose I should note, to make this all the more interesting, is that I have several perverted sexual fetishes that revolve around violence and torture. This also greatly disturbs me and I refuse to indulge in it, but it’s still always there.

I understand this isn’t the biggest of issues, but it’s a symptom of other problems I’m having now as well. It just makes me sick and I might be losing friends because of it.

Immensely Disturbed by Violence in Media

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People might be drawn to horror movies for the same reason that they’re drawn to roller coasters. Some people like the adrenaline rush associated with the aforementioned activity. Movies and roller coasters may be a safe way to experience strong emotions. It may also be simply a matter of preference or maturity. Younger people are particularly drawn to horror movies and that tends to change over time.

Since you did not ask a specific question, I can only offer a general answer. If you don’t like certain types of movies, there is no reason to watch them. You may want to avoid vocalizing your opinion if you don’t want to risk offending horror movie fans. If someone asks you, and you wish to share, then perhaps you can tell them what you think. But if your goal is to keep friends and those friends are fans of horror movies, then you might not verbalize your view so broadly.

You also mentioned that you had “several perverted sexual fetishes.” That information would have been helpful to me. If you would like to write back and ask a specific question, I will try to give you a more complete answer. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Immensely Disturbed by Violence in Media

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