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Voices in My Head Tell Me to Hurt People

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From an adult man in the U.S.: Lately I have been hearing one voice that is wanting me to hurt myself and others. Started out just wanted me to hurt myself but lately it has been telling me to hurt others.

I try and not listen to it but here in the past few weeks it’s getting worse. Sometimes I feel the rage build up inside me. I can look at someone and the rage begins. I can picture in my head how I’m going to hurt them. Then the voice says yeah that’s what you want to do so do it. I fight the voice at every step but it seems to be getting more stronger in my head. I’m scared that one day I will act on what the voice is telling me to do.

It tells me no one cares for me and I’m a loser. Nobody will ever love me. Not sure what to do about it. Like right now it’s telling me I’m a loser for asking for help.

Voices in My Head Tell Me to Hurt People

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You aren’t scared enough! You know this is getting worse. You know you haven’t been able to stop it on your own. It’s well past time for you to get some help. Even the “voice” knows it.

Since this is a recent change in your thinking, I’m particularly interested in pursuing a medical explanation. If you haven’t had a medical check up in awhile, see your primary care physician ASAP. There are medical conditions that can cause irrational thinking. Sometimes it is as simple as a vitamin deficiency! Really.

But if you are medically fine, you do need to see a mental health professional for an evaluation. Please don’t hesitate to do so. A therapist may be able to identify what has changed and will offer you options for addressing it. You aren’t obligated to do anything other than listen. Chances are, though, that you will learn some new ways to address your feelings of being unlovable and a “loser”.

At 50+, you deserve to have more going on in your life. A therapist will give you the support you need while you figure out how to make it happen.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Voices in My Head Tell Me to Hurt People

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